Grugs: Hector’s Rest Quest

Experience a unique, separate adventure with Hector in the middle of it all! Decorate his room, meet the mage and face the mighty Pebbles and the fearless Goose!

Grugs: Family Story

Meet the Grugs family and run in the stone age with Hector, Brumhilda, Brat and Lola! Meet ancient dangers and survive through different challenges!

Grugs Arena: Jungle Brawl

Oh no! The Grugs have been captured by the illusive and crafty jungle Tiki tribe! Help them escape by beating up every arena opponent the Tikis throw against you, use special skills and tatics to win!

Grugs: Multiplayer Joy Run

Live our your competetive spirit with the Grugs in their Multiplayer Joy Run! Use special powers to gain an advantage or regain the lead with sneaky tactics!